Jeff Bothe

web developer

Hi, I'm Jeff, front-end web developer, musician, photographer, and traveler from Baltimore, MD.

I currently live in the central mountains of Colombia, where I devote all of my free time to leveling-up my tech skills...

Well, almost all of my free time. I also like to climb the local volcanoes when the weather is good.

Scroll down, have a look around, and be sure to
get in touch :)

If at any time this website nauseates or infuriates you, feel free to check out my vanilla resume.


Client Website

A prototype for a local painting business website, built with Zurb's Foundation for Sites front-end framework.

Drum Sequencer

A basic drum sequencer that was originally conceived as a learning exercise in jQuery, but grew into a serious challenge in wrangling the Web Audio API.


An attempt to reverse engineer the basic functionality of the iOS10 calculator (in portrait view).

Todo List

Every newbie coder must at some point complete a todo list tutorial. This is the result of following the amazing Watch and Code - Practical Javascript tutorial.


hidden track